What is Health Coaching?

The outcome of health coaching is to help people get healthier to do the good work they were meant to do.


  • Help clients appreciate that health is a resource for daily living.
  • Partner with the client to addressing preventable health issues, such as NCD (Non-Communicable Diseases, including heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and chronic lung disease, are collectively responsible for almost 70% of all deaths worldwide. 
  • Unlocking the core causes can have dramatic effects in improving the clients overall health. 

How to get started?

We have ready-to-launch plans available for you, such as fat loss, gain muscle, get stronger, have more energy, incorporate healthy habits.

Click the button below to see the plans that have been proven to be successful for our clients. However, there are cases where you may need more specific help. If that is the case, please request a free 15-min call and we can explore solutions that will be most suitable for you.

Who would benefit from health coaching?

Health Coach partners with you to help you troubleshoot health problems in a way that is relevant and makes sense for your specific lifestyle. Those who would benefit most from having a health coach are the following:


  • Anyone who sees health as a priority in life and want to be healthier to achieve more in their lives.
  • Anyone who has a fitness goal they would like to reach.
  • Anyone who has tried weight loss or fat loss methods on their own and have not had as much success as they had hoped.
  • Anyone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired.
  • Anyone with metabolic issues like diabetes, who needs lifestyle and habit change support.
  • Anyone who is confused and discouraged about what to do about their health and need some guidance.
Health Coaching Programs

Client Successes

Don't wait to have your own success story.


8-Week Health & Life Coaching,

Female Entrepreneur, early 20s

"My achievements thus far were

  • less bloating
  • decrease ulcer
  • more awareness of my habits
  •  more knowledge on nutrition
  • more in tune with body
  • being kinder to my body "


The Faithful Program,

Female Executive, 50 y.o.

"I’ve gain strength, can do more repetitions, and have more energy.it has helped to strengthen my pelvic muscles and lower abdominals. I need these core muscles to strengthen and endure for my singing. Pls keep them coming."





Ultra-Personalized Fitness Program,

Female Entrepreneur, late 50s

"After working with Siree, I’ve achieved the following:


1. I have lost 5 kilos

2. I reduced my body fat percentage

3. I am stronger and much more toned

4. I have learned how to balance aerobic exercise with strength training for the best results

5. I have been able to adjust my eating habits to lose weight."


Monthly Starter

Female, Young Professional, late 20s

"I was so lazy and no motivation, no discipline to exercise. I was really good to have someone hold me accountable on this. To encourage me when I almost wanted to give up. My top two goals were I want to be healthy, get rid of the fat. So far, my achievements are:

6.5% of body fat lost and 4.5 kg of fat mass lost were more than what I expected.

It was really helpful to have [Coach Siree] schedule [my workouts] and always ask and encourage me. And I can ask [her] when I have questions. 

What I enjoyed most about my workouts is that I actually started missing my workouts. Thank you for building the new habit with me!"


Ultra-Personalized Fitness Program

After lung surgery

Female Retiree/Volunteer, 68 y.o.

"My goal was to increase muscles in my legs and gain weight.

I achieved stronger legs and gained about 1.5 kg. I'm also getting used to going to the gym daily."


Ultra-Personalized Fitness Program

Female Executive, Early 40s

"My goals in the program were:

  • Build up my muscles 
  • Learn more about nutrition and food

Every exercise was spot on what I needed. The first week I couldn’t walk properly for three days, but every week I felt stronger and had less pain after the training. Also because Siree teaches me how to stretch well and use the foam roller in a good way! 


Siree taught me about nutrition/proteins and encouraged me to eat more 😃 after the trainings. 


Siree is a great personal coach, she listens to your needs, she encourage you to push a bit harder, because she sees the strengths in you! 

She helped me to start training again and helped me to get stronger and healthier. Thanks Siree!”


Not sure which program to choose?

Request a complementary 15-min call and let's explore what will work best for you.

Resources for Your Improving Your Health

One of our values at Arise Portal is Generosity. In additional to our paid services, we believe in offering as much as possible free resources for the greater community as well. 


Feel free to take advantage of the free resources below and share with those you love.

  • Free Weekly Group Health Coaching Calls

  • Free Resource Downloads

  • Free 15-Min Exploration Calls

Download our Free

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We are making this available only until March 31st, 2021.

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